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Specialty Classes, 8 weeks

$40.00 per package/ or $6 per class

Virtual Classes only

Pura Yoga specialty classes requires that you participate in at least 8 weeks of consistent practice to receive the intended benefits.  You may begin the class anytime.   Our classes are affordable and average about $5.00 per class.  Prepayment is required to participate.  No drop-in rates are offered as our space is limited.  All packages expire 6 months after purchase.  No refunds are offered, yet amount paid is honored for Studio services.


Yoga Teacher Training

$250 per module / 10 modules total


Come to our information session on Saturday, October 28th at 3pm and learn about our Yoga Teacher Scholarship opportunities, class formats, module concepts and pricing structures.

Training begins in January 2021. Training cancelled for 2020

(Reiki & Pranic Healing)

$45 per session of 60 minutes

Reiki is a relaxation technique and Pranic Healing is a process by which the energy is purified beginning

in the Aura.


This includes at-house consultation, bagua map, one house blessing,  a customized aromatherapy room spray and all materials needed for the home blessing.  This is perfect for new  or refreshing your place of residence, be it a home, building, dorm or tiny home!  

Spiritual Counseling 

$40 for 30 minutes

Tarot cards esoteric reading.

Energy Healing
Feng Shui & Home Blessing
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