Overview & Materials

Dates:  Start June 7, 2014

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico & Pura Yoga’s Deck at Oconuco Farm, Gurabo, Puerto Rico

Carretera 181, 15.5

Gurabo, Puerto Rico


Course Overview

Yoga Asana Techniques – 100 hours

After successful completion of the course, you will be able to demonstrate asanas, recite Sanskrit names for postures learned; sequence postures for 60 & 90 minute beginners classes; develop a daily personal sadhana practice; demonstrate pranayama breathing exercises; demonstrate mudra hand positions; describe kriyas used in yoga for cleansing the body; use descriptive language appropriate for the yoga class; utilize appropriate music for yoga class; write a creative visualization script.

 Student Practicum -10 hours

Ten (10) hours of documented practice teaching.

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology – 30 hours

At the completion of this course, you should competently:  describe the subtle energy system; locate specific organs, muscles and specific bones in the body; describe the anatomy of human movement as it applies to Asana; describe the systems of the body as it applies to asana.

 Yoga Philosophy – 30 hours

You will also be able to:  describe a brief history of yoga; describe at least four branches of yoga; describe at least four styles of yoga; describe the eight fold-path of Patanjali;  describe the general content of Book I and II of Patanjali’s Sutras; describe the three doshas in Ayurveda

Yoga Methodology – 30 hours

You will be introduced to the following methods of teaching yoga: Partner Yoga; Restorative Yoga (yoga with props held for periods of time); Prenatal yoga;  Seniors Yoga; Children’s yoga; Power Yoga and Chair Yoga.

Special Assignments:  The certification process requires that you to participate in out-of-class projects to enhance the learning experience.



  • Yoga Teacher Curriculum (350 page manual)
  • (2) Three Yoga School DVDs for Practice
  • Set of 95 Yoga Cards
  • A&P Coloring Book
  • Hatha Yoga Illustrated
  • Patanjali’s Sutras