FAQ’s for Yoga Teacher Training

“What will I learn in Pura Yoga’s Teacher Training course?”

You will learn Hatha yoga asanas (poses) used in all yoga styles.  You will also learn to apply anatomy to all poses, meditation, philosophy (Yoga Sutras), teaching skills, and more.

“What is the duration of the course?”

The upcoming course consists of 27 classes, in group of modules.  The full agenda will be discussed during the Information Session on Saturday, May 31st, 2014.

“What is a typical lesson like?”

A typical class includes personal practice for 1/2 hr each day, the topic of the weekend or day, pranayama & meditation practices;  and student demonstrations.

“What happens if I miss a lesson?”

The format is module based, you can complete when the next module is taught.

“I am pregnant, can I still participate in the Teacher Training?

Yes, you may.  A consent will be required from your doctor, and, if your child is born during training, you may complete the modules missed when these are offered.

“What are the minimum requirements needed to take Pura Yoga’s Teacher Training?

Some exposure to yoga is desired, so that you are familiar with the “feeling” of yoga.  Most importantly, the desire to take your quest for knowledge of yoga to the next level is all you need.  

“What happens after I complete the course? Can I apply with the Yoga Alliance?”

Absolutely!!!  Upon successful completion of the course, you qualify to apply to register with the Yoga Alliance to become a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).

“Is the tuition affordable?”

Our main goal is to offer the training at an affordable rate.  You may pay for the entire course up-front for discounted rates, or you may pay by module.

More questions?  Call Irene Flores at 787-672-9818