Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It is administered by laying  the hands on the body, applying energy about 4 inches above the body.  Reiki means Divine Life Force.


Integrate Reiki to your wellness & healingTreatment times are available, call Irene at 787-672-9818 and schedule an appointment.  Treatments last 1 our each and work better when done consistently.  Below are the prices:

  • 1 session   = $60.00
  • 4 sessions = $50.00 each
  • 8 sessions = $45.00 each

Many people have reported great healing experiences through Reiki. 

Reiki & Yoga:  As a Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor, I’ve treated patients with a combination of Reiki with Gentle Yoga & Meditation for stress relief.  I truly promote this combination of treatment to enhance your own healing abilities.  Reiki is powerful for people in hospitals going into surgery or in recovery.  Call Irene at 787-67-9818 for additional questions.

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Interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner?  Call Irene at 787-672-9818, or visit our website for frequent updates on upcoming events.