Who we are

Irene Flores, 500hr,  e-RYT & PRYT, Reiki Master Director & Owner

Pura Yoga is the manifestation of many years studying and teaching Hatha Yoga with different influences.  Working with multi-level students, prenatal women, athletes and people suffering from illnesses, have given me the appreciation of how to consider these populations in every class. The privilege of obtaining a 500hr teaching certification from Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina and a 200hr level certification from the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, plus an extensive meditation practice,  have given me the extra push to fulfill the desire to continue learning and teaching yoga.  The practice of Hatha Yoga is the root of all yoga styles taught at Pura Yoga, most of my teaching style is “long, slow and deep”, with emphasis in Yoga Therapy. I am also Reiki Master trained by William Lee Rand.  Other personal passions include painting canvases with acrylics and Latin Jazz singing. Take time to review the course details and feel free to contact me with any questions you have.  With gratitude and anticipation, I invite you to continue your yoga journey with PURA YOGA!
  Other Faculty


Francine Kelly, Yoga for Pelvic Health,  Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Yoga for Anxiety-Depression

Francine is a yoga instructor at Swedish Covenant Hospital’s Galter Life Center.  She is also a body-inclusive psychotherapist in the BodyMind Integration Program at the Center for Contextual Change in downtown Chicago.

Francine’s main area of focus is the therapeutic application of body/mind techniques to help individuals recover from the pervasive effects of trauma, anxiety and depression.  To this end Francine has supplemented her MA in Community Counseling with additional training in body-centered psychotherapy including Somatic Experiencing and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.  She is also certified in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, LifeForce® Yoga for Anxiety and Depression and in Leslie Howard’s Yoga for Pelvic Health. Francine’s goal is to support and empower her clients and students by providing tools that they can use to develop their own self-awareness, self-compassion, clarity, resilience, and peace.  Through incorporating these skills, they can more skillfully manage their current life situations and make healthy and effective choices for the future.